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"And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patri. Et Fili. Spiritus Sancti."





Cat replying at the meowing mobile.

My heart! It sounds so concerned, like “are you in there, tiny cat? Why aren’t you coming out of there?”

It is so adorable.

I think that ringtone is a kitten calling for it’s mom. Our cat used to do something similar every time kittens came on the TV and started meowing - she’d come running into the room like: “BABIES?! Ohmygod, babies? Where are they? Are they okay? Are they my babies? Babies?”

i was watching this video when one of my cats came up and first started rubbing against the screen then started to reply to the video and growl at it

He couldn’t figure it out though and kept looking around the house while still growling. my other cats looked very interested and concerned as well



I took my sisters Barbie for this video







Russell Brand Interviews Two Members Of The Westboro Baptist Church



 And this is the exact moment that I decided to like Russell Brand. 

I liked him, and now I can say I love him.

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all week. Four for you, Russell Brand.

This is GREAT!



How Hummingbirds Snore


Look at its little tongue stick out =>w<=

Coloring embryos by injecting dye into eggs before they hatch has been practiced for a number of years. It is done to identify the young of certain hatches or groups. And it makes it easier to observe movements of wild birds (especially water fowl) after they leave the nests.

The process of coloring chicks by injecting dye into the eggs also provides an opportunity to study early feather growth. Juvenile plumage will replace the colored down in about two weeks. As this happens, the dyed background amid new growing feathers provides a constantly changing pattern.

While it is possible to inject eggs from about the 10th to 19th days of incubation, the period from the 11th to 14th days appears to be ideal. Only one treatment is necessary if the injection is done at this time. When injections are made after the 14th day the color usually remains localized because the embryo occupies most of the egg; so it may be necessary to inject the egg in more than one place.

Harmless vegetable dyes, such as food coloring dyes sold in grocery stores, work very satisfactorily.

This does not harm the chicks in any way, and eventually as they mature their adult feathers push through and they develop normally with their standard coloured feathers.

I know I’ve probably reblogged this before because it irks me to living hell that ANYONE wold believe that ink is injected into chicken embryos. If they even began to understand how delicate an embryo that is housed within a physical shell would know right off that it’s impossible to do so.

What happens with these chicks, is that they are COMPLETELY submerged in a dye anywhere from a few hours to a day before the event. When I was little a local feed store would sell chicks of all these same colors right around Easter. The problem was that the chick usually died not long after from them inhaling the dye and them getting lung infections and dieing! The owner eventually stopped the practice and now only sells natural colored ones (kinda like the white ones in the video above). Chances are, by looking closely at the chicks, they too were completely submerged into a dye. The beaks are a lighter color than the bodies because the dye can’t completely absorb into the caraton the beak is made of.

Also if you look at the video before pressing play, there is a blue chick that isn’t completely dyed. It’s a mixture of white and blue, which means the color didnt stick, or it was on top when the basket was dipped into the dye and it was lucky enough not to become submerged.




I like how this goes from like

“oh hey I know that little useless box thing haha!” to

“Oh hey cute it has a face!” to


oh mY GOD

This is the greatest!

.Grabbed this in case it gets deleted. From

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s opening “monologue” for Saturday Night Live 2012

So uh…. yeah, awesome. I got to see that movie on the bigscreen


My lizard just LOVES art

That is just too cute!



Aspidelaps scutatus scutatus, or the Shield Nosed Cobra, shown here fighting for territory in their little bowl after capture.

These little cuties aren’t true cobras in Naja, but they are cobras nonetheless! The heavily modified rostal scale is to accomodate the snake’s fossorial tendencies. They are comparable to the american Hognose snake species in both appearance and behavior in an adorable display of convergent evolution. When threatened, they stand, spread their weak little hood, hiss, and strike! Many strikes are mock. If all else fails, they play dead, but they are pretty bad at it in comparison to hoggies.

Look at how dead he is, even though his hood is still out and he’s making eye contact, he is very dead yep. No he’s definitely dead not just laying on his side you should probably go eat something else. Worst death mimic ever.

Yay my submission is finally up! Cutest snakes. Best snakes.